Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Me, Love My Mom....

Everyone has a very special woman in their lives - "mother" that is.  Mother is the very first person in this world who loves you wholeheartedly even before she sees your face. Mother loves you unconditionally, regardless of your flaws and imperfections. For this Valentine's series, I asked Kim, a sweet blog friend of mine to be a part of this as Kim and her mom are very close and share such special mother-daughter bond. Reading what she put together only proves how well she knows her mom. Let's begin.....

Hi Maysa and Sunshine readers! This is Kim from A Very Sweet Blog. Nelah asked me to talk about the close bond I share with my mom for her Valentine's Week Love Series. For me, it's simple. Spend time with your parents. Spend time with your family. Spend time with the ones you love. You're only given so much time each day. Make each moment count. A hug. A kiss. A kind word. These things mean so much. Don't take LIFE for granted. Create beautiful memories, each and EVERYday! That way, you won't have any regrets. CHERISH each & every day! Remember, Valentine's Day is simply an EXTRA day to show your love to someone :) I put together a Valentine's gift guide for your mom below.

A Valentine Gift Guide For Mothers

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1. The Empress' New Clothes - Who doesn't like new things to wear? Purchase a new outfit for your mom, including shoes & accessories. Place them in a cute tote (get fancy & personalize it) and she will be tickled pink.

2. Gift Basket Of Sweet Treats - Who doesn't like to snack? Go to your favorite hobby store, purchase a large wicker basket and fill it with everything your mom loves. It could be fruit, candy, tea, coffee, cookies and/or healthy snacks. It's her personal treat & munch stash. Throw in a book and/or magazine for her to read.

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3. A Lovely Spa Day - Who doesn't like to get pampered? Have your mom gleaming from head to toe by purchasing an all day spa day gift card. Most high end day spa's offer a half a day or all day treatment option that include manicure, pedicure, massage, lunch, hair etc. Sometimes they have a 2 for 1 special, where you and your mom can spend the day together.

4. Concert Or Theatre - Notice I said Theatre and not Theater (the movies). When was the last time your mom attended a Broadway show or listened to an orchestra? Many Broadway plays tour and local orchestras are always looking for people to attend one of their concerts. Check your local listings to see what is playing in your area.

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5. Take Her To High Tea - Do tea houses or hotels offer high tea in your area? Make reservations for the two of you to attend one afternoon. She will feel regal! Delicate tea sandwiches, scones and cute desserts. Yum! Yum! Yum! Usually there's a harpist, piano player and/or violinist there. It's very relaxing.

6. Her Favorite Stores All In ONE Box - Does your mom have her favorite stores? My mom loves Walgreens! She will give Walgreens hell! So one year, I filled a heart shaped box with gift cards from ALL of her favorite stores. Ask yourself... Where does your mom grocery shop? Buy a gift card. Does your mom go to the movies a lot? Buy a gift card. What about your mom's favorite ice cream place? Buy a gift card. This gift is really neat, because she receives a pile of gift cards to her favorite places. You decide on the amount. Put them all in ONE box. You can heighten the suspense by gift wrapping each gift card (or putting them in envelopes) and then putting them in ONE decorated box.

7. Take A Trip - This will put a dent in your budget, but it's oh so fun. Take a week long or weekend trip with your mom. One year, I took my mom to Vegas for some week long fun. If you plan ahead of time, you can get some really good deals on hotels & entertainment.

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas! I've given each to my mom and she loved them. My best advice is to spend time with the one's you love. It matters not what you do or how much you spend. ALL will cherish these moments and memories.

Have a great Valentine's Day everybody!


  1. Such great gift ideas! I would love to treat my mom to some spa time

  2. Kim, these are lovely ideas! I'm very close with my mom as well. You're so right that spending time with our parents is the best gift of all.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. These are such thoughtful gift ideas, year round for all! Great advice to cherish each and every day. Hope you both have a wonderful day!

  4. Nelah, this was beautiful doll! Thanks so much for allowing me to guest post! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  5. these are lovely ideas to pamper the wonderful moms in our lives~ thanks for sharing!


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