Monday, February 3, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

 photo ct1_zps3aec28a8.jpg

Sleep is something I miss most these days. In the past few days, my sleep has not been very good. That must be due to the fact that as people get older their quality of sleep is getting worse (damn, that just confirms me I am old). Looking at these pictures make me jealous. Silly but I would trade for a day just to be a cat and sleep all day.

 photo ct2_zps6dd45ed7.jpg  photo ct3_zps480f454e.jpg  photo ct4_zps0f97450a.jpg


  1. How funny as I have just drafted a post about my lack of sleep ready for posting next week! I wish I can sleep like my dog, Frankie.

  2. oh that last picture is just the cutest. i love the purring sound of cats. it's so soothing!

  3. Yup, i wish i can get some good sleep. It's been harder and harder as Ive gotten older. Lately, i cant sleep longer than 5 hours no matter how hard i try. Hopefully it is just a phase.

  4. Nelah, that last pic of your cat is priceless! HAHAHA "Stop taking pictures of me! I'm trying to sleep!" HAHaHa I've been sleeping excessively! Our weather changes every single day. It's been so hard for me to adjust. Glad you like the post :)


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