Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Afternoon with Alligators...

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 {Good boy, you sit and wait patiently like a good doggie waiting for a yummy treat} 

This post is especially dedicated to reptiles lovers out there. not snakes, bigger than that., not Iguanas or Dragons. How about Alligators? Yikes! Last summer on one boring hot weekend we discovered this Gator Country in Beaumont, Texas via LivingSocial deal. I wouldn't say we love alligators dearly but it's worth exploring. So we went. 

 It turned out to be more educating and entertaining than I initially thought. We got there just in time for feeding, show and demonstration. Obviously this place is not a zoo where they bought alligators and keep them locked up for profit. They rescue these giant gators from places. The place has been on a few TV Shows including Bravo and Animal Planet. They mainly rescue alligators from owners (yes some people have these giant reptiles as pet) and from locations they are not supposed to be. I dreamt of having a tiger as pet when young but alligator?  Hell no! Al is the biggest alligator captivated in the state of Texas. He sure is huge and scary (5th photo). 

Back at my country of Thailand, we have crocodiles and crocodile farms where they do similar shows but much more adventurous. How daring and adventurous? The guy stick their arms, legs or even heads inside crocodiles's mouth. YES!! I remember taking my husband once to this show while in Thailand, I didn't think hr enjoyed it too much...haha. He thought it was too crazy. 

 The kids' s favorite part came when the little guys and girls got to swim and chase baby alligators in a pool (poor baby alligators). Those little kids (and parents) were so eager to touch and hold these (adorable, maybe??) baby gators while baby reptiles swam away for life (they probably hate humans because of this torturing experience). I got to touch one and it was quite interesting.  This was definitely an experience for all of us. 

   photo g2_zps8977dfe3.jpg  photo g3_zps95ea7dc7.jpg  photo g4_zpsf4a5cb7d.jpg  photo g5_zps2ed858c7.jpg  photo g6_zpsba9a9bf0.jpg  photo g7_zps852dbe9b.jpg {I hate kids!!! I will eat you all up when I am big....grrrrrr}


  1. awww.. what wonderful work to be rescuing them. and i love the bonding of baby alligators and kids.. i think it really shows them how to love an animal. and i love living social and groupon. we love finding deals and going on places we often wouldn't think about going!

  2. This must be such a cool experience for kids and adults alike and it's great that they're a rescue operation and not a zoo. My husband lived in Sri Lanka for awhile when he was a child and he said the alligators would sometimes show up outside the glass doors of their bungalow but he wasn't allowed to play with them. That was probably a good idea.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. ohhhh HELL noooo! LOL Nelah, you are good. They are good!!! I can't believe they're that close. I don't trust an alligator or crocodile. The pictures you took are amazing. I want to showcase our local zoo for the blog and I always hate the part where I have to go to the section with alligators. thanks for posting this. HAHAHAHA

  4. Aww, I wouldn't think the baby gators enjoy being chased around by kids, especially with their mouths taped shut like that! Although, I do have to respect this place for rescuing alligators. You win some, you lose some, I suppose!

  5. I would love to go swim and chase those baby gators in the pool too. And that's why we have shows like Lake Placid.


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