Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sewing away...

Sewing is my least favorite thing to do in this world. Okay let's just say I hate sewing and I will only do so if only I have to. Back in the days I was in school and sewing was one of my elective classes (heck, why did I even choose it?!), I just knew I was not going to love it. I have always admired those who have ability and talent to design and make their own clothes. That's one area I never really wanted to venture into. Fast forward to now, I have my very own sewing machine. As contradicting as it can be, here is a little story behind the latest ownership of this Brother sewing machine.
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Last year my little one had to be in a Little Mermaid play at her daycare. So as a great mom that I am, I totally forgot to buy a costume. That evening before her rehearsal, I frantically searched my closet for pieces of clothing, scarf or whatever materials I could possibly use. Cut, patched, sewed with basic stiches (by hands) and voila! Then came the day of an actual play, we invited grandma and grandpa as well. My mother in law was impressed at my DIY costume and thought I had a potential.
At Christmas, you could imagine my surprise when I unwrapped a box just to see what's inside..haha. I wouldn't say I have been super duper excited or eager to use it but this thing comes in handy for future use. A sewing machine comes with a 6 week course that teaches basic sewing lesson. An instructor suggested that I picked either a skirt or a top as my project so I felt motivated to learn (she must have sensed I totally lacked of motivation...haha...I would rather go ride a horse). Last week was my first one (which I dreaded going in case you didn't know). It was quite interesting and at least now I knew how to thread a machine. Perhaps, my love for sewing may grow as I sew more?? That is still doubtful.
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  1. Oh, how cool. I dont enjoy sewing either, but i always admire those who do. Im just stumbling into it myself because of the little ones.

  2. wow! how awesome that you were able to create a costume for your daughter using pieces from your closet and by hand! so so sweet. that costume is a forever keepsake! and i was telling yangkyu how i would love a sewing machine. i had to take a home economics class in junior high school where we also learned how to sew with a machine. we made pillows and i looved it. it was tricky but i keep thinking back to the sound of the machine. i don't know what i would make.. but a skirt sounds amazing! good luck with your projects!!

  3. Sewing is such a useful and practical skill to have and the fact that you were able to make a costume for your daughter at the last minute is proof. I wish we lived in the same city Nelah. I totally want to enroll in a sewing class in the spring as I've always wanted to learn how to sew. I wonder if my enthusiasm might wane when I actually try it.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Skirt E is beautiful. How cute that you had to put together a mermaid costume for your daughter. I'd love to see pictures!

    If sewing doesn't work out, at least you'll have a fancy paperweight after all is said and done!??! :)

  5. My grandmother knew how to sew well. My mom hated and past that dislike to me. LOL I can barely put on a button. I love your sewing machine Nelah and you know what else I like...you're giving it a chance! You're trying! See how you feel after the course. It may change your mind. To make clothes is awesome! It's definitely an incentive. If you love it a lot, I'll send you my size and you can make me one :D LMAOOOO! Good luck girl!

  6. I am always very impressed by people who could sew and make their own dresses and frocks. I can't sew for nuts. I hated Home Economics lessons in school when it comes to sewing. I do think you have a hidden talent for sewing. Being able to sew a mermaid costume by hand is certainly not a skill that any mother would possess. I'm so glad you got a sewing machine for a gift! I would dread those lessons too but I'm very sure something good would come out of it all!


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