Monday, June 9, 2014

Grow with love: I have a green thumb

As far as I could remember, gardening was somewhat the least exciting thing on earth I could ever imagine. The thought of digging my hands in dirt, inhaling cow manure, picking worms, seeing wiggling earthworms sounded pretty gross to a city girl by birth like myself. Shopping and hanging out in the town's hottest spots sounded much better back in the days.
{I have yet to overcome my fear so I always wear gloves though}.

Never once in a lifetime thought I would end up living in a big Texas and over the years transform myself into an avid gardener who gets excited about growing any kind of plants/veggies/flowers. Having lived in an apartment briefly upon arriving the US made me appreciate a house with backyard even more. I knew I couldn't wait to move from an apartment into a house with a backyard of course. It is quite a delight and an accomplishment to be able to grow something from seeds and witness them blossom into something beautiful and edible. Best of all, they are as organic as you want. Organic soil, organic seeds and no pesticide of any kind.

I have three green bean plants which I grew from seeds awhile back. I harvested my first crop of my (five) green beans today. They are so perfect and beautiful. It was strange, last year I tried to grow them but they didn't thrive at all. I have a better luck this year so I planted 4 more. Looking forward to harvesting more green goodness!

 photo g1_zpscf1766f1.jpg  photo g2_zps0cf5e520.jpg  photo g3_zps53ed6ce9.jpg  photo g4_zpsfadd68d2.jpg  photo g5_zps78db488e.jpg  photo g6_zpse066fccb.jpg


  1. I'm not so good with nothing which is green. My plants dies, always. Even if I care them so much. Now seems that I'm learning a little bit. I saved one of my plants and another is also blooming!
    I'm so proud! :)
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. I totally get the satisfaction thing. I'm not into flowers too much but I do like fruit trees and allotment plants. You get to eat the reward! Your photos look so bright and beautiful.

    A magazine subscription as a gift for guys is such a good idea! The UK does have Groupon; I'm so glad you mentioned it on my post because we have a few more similar voucher sites that could be really great to use. Thanks for the tip!

    Rosemary x

  3. I'm the same. I never used to like gardening and would go shopping over gardening any day. Now I seek solace in planting and pruning....but still I hate caterpillers and other creepy crawlies!

  4. oh my gosh! looks amazing! the buggies would terrify me!! i wish i had a green thumb and i wish i can garden out in the sun! :) we started a container garden but i just pulled out all our lettuce. they grew all leggy and just didn't get enough sunlight from our balcony i think. ah well. we're still crossing our fingers for our perilla leaves and green onions but don't have high hopes. bummer!

  5. Look at those green beans!!! Nelah, you're awesome at gardening! Keep it up! Healthy food for your family and you're saving money at the store.


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