Sunday, June 1, 2014

This weekend

We picked blackberries from our backyard..many of them.

 photo t6_zps1c510686.jpg  photo t7_zpsba88b45e.jpg
Very berry??

 photo t10_zps01185e6a.jpg
I cooked Chicken with Lemon & Sage

 photo t4_zps27a8f2b6.jpg  photo t2_zps416125d6.jpg

Then egg sandwich with Salmon/dill

 photo t12_zpsa87750aa.jpg
Someone always manage to find time to relax and unwind.

 photo t1_zps41534937.jpg
I finished making this top finally.

 photo t5_zps4a75f998.jpg
Then started right on another Summer dress project.
 photo t9_zpsee2de384.jpg
Visited these lovelies in the backyard.

 photo t11_zps7468d85d.jpg
Then washed a bunch of dishes (over and over).

 photo t8_zps24ff9111.jpg


  1. Those berries look sooo delish! So does all the other food :)

  2. The berries from your yard looks amazing. And that top is so cute, i love the print on the fabric. Looks like you had nice weekend. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Oh lordy lordy, you look like the greatest chef ever. The berries look so delish and are getting me excited for my summer holidays and your little lemon dish looks like such a treat. I'm hungry. You take the best pictures - do you have an awesome camera? Everything is so in focus and bright and colourful. Maybe you are a great editor. Or just amazing at taking photographs. I wonder how your dress project will turn out - well, I already know that, but it will be great to see the final results. Hope you're having a lovely start to the week. Rosemary x

  4. amazing berries! life seems so busy (a good kind of busy) and serene at the same time!

  5. It sure looks like you had a lot to smile about this past weekend Nelah! Those berries form your garden seriously look amazing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. From your backyard! You have a gold mine Nelah! You're saving money girl, because blackberries and raspberries are expensive at the store. Yours looks really good. I love lemon and chicken. HAHAHA Your cat has the life girl! Sweet post!


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