Thursday, March 28, 2013

Buffet at The Wicked Spoon (The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas)

So Vegas is also very famous for buffet, right? It would have been silly if we didn’t give it a try. My husband and I were actually very excited about this and made sure I did my research as far as where to eat. I have this love & hate relationship with buffet but learnt a few important things through the years. People tend to stuff themselves silly so that it is worth for what they pay for. That kind of mentality is actually harmful to health.
Buffet = large quantity = all you can eat until you rip your pants.
That’s exactly how I looked at buffet in the past. So during this trip, I tried to change that kind of mentality and looked at buffet in a different way: buffet = variety. Focus on variety NOT quantity, and stop when full. It is quite hard but it has to be done. I mean EVERYTHING looks freakin’ delicious and tempting!! My husband, on another hand, wanted to get his money worth. He stuffed himself and ended up being miserable.
  My tips on eating buffet is:
1) don’t fill up on heavy carb items like potato/rice/bread/noodle
2) get a bit of everything (2 – 3 tablespoons)
3) drink water
4) instead of piling too much food on the plate, get small portion and make several trips back so you burn some calories
According to my research on Yelp, we decided to pick top rated buffet to try: The Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan (for dinner) and The Buffet at the Wynn Hotel (for brunch).  The Wicked Spoon on Friday night was $40 per person before tax. My verdict: 7 out of 10. Selection was not that great. There were only three kind of Sushi at the station and not many Asian food. Good variety at Salad Bar station.
These are photos from The Wicked Spoon.
   photo b1_zps8d8e6d98.jpg  photo b2_zps67a74c65.jpg  photo b3_zpsb0c0c7f6.jpg  photo b4_zpsf8d493b8.jpg  photo b5_zps7d19893f.jpg  photo b6_zpsb8574496.jpg  photo b7_zps229f1081.jpg  photo b8-7_zps3247ef1e.jpg  photo b9-6_zps9332c0f2.jpg  photo b10-3_zps8659d6e0.jpg  photo b11-3_zps44b40e3e.jpg  photo b12_zpsd73fe2fc.jpg  photo b13_zps02982753.jpg  photo b14_zpsf98224e2.jpg  photo b15_zpsc19c67d8.jpg  photo b16_zpsd1eb8a5d.jpg  photo b17_zps18b1b054.jpg


  1. Nelah, I can't stop laughing at how you labeled the pics... Round 1! Round 2! Round 3! Knock Out!!! HaHaHa!!! Sorry to hear it was just average. I've come across many like that. I bet your hubby was stuffed! Lol There was so much to choose from and the presentation of everything looked pretty. I like your thoughts on buffets. I like to sample a little of everything :D Have a Happy Easter doll!

  2. We didn't do any buffets when we were in Vegas, granted that was 11 years ago and the food scene has definitely gotten better since. Bummer this wasn't outstanding but at least you got to try a taste of many things and I bet you and hubby had to be quite full by the time you were done. I always look for the Asian food at buffets too haha. Is that har gow I see in Round 1?

    Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend Nelah!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. You should come to Singapore for buffet. We are a buffet city. Singaporeans also tend to be very "kiasu" which means scared to lose in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect)and hence they behave the same way as your hubby. I used to be like this too and it is fortunate that I could eat alot for my size. However once I got older, I realise I can't eat as much as before and get bloated easily. It is very unhealthy. Most of our buffet have got a variety of sashimi and very soon the hubby and I would just eat our money's worth by taking more sashimi and seafood. We have small portions of the rest too. It really is about the variety.

    Are you using your DSLR for all your blog pictures? They look really beautiful.

  4. With those selections I bet I wouldn't know when to stop either! :) Looks so delicious! And I love the name Wicked Spoon! Have a great weekend!

  5. Those greens on round 2 look great!

  6. Great tips :P I'm always so so full when I get a buffet :)


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