Friday, March 1, 2013

Live, Laugh & Drive {a Lamborghini}~*

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All men love car. Let's face it, some men probably love their car toys more than their girlfriends or wives. Owning or driving an exotic car must be every guy's ultimate dream just like us women who dream of diamond, fine jewelry and fancy things. I am glad I could fulfill a dream little dream of my husband and give a gift of fun experience. Some of you may remember a Christmas gift I gifted him last year. A ride of a lifetime in an exotic car of his choice and that choice turned out to be a Lamborhini Gallado 2012 model, brand new and shiny!! I am not a man but couldn't help and fell in love with it. It was like a love at first sight! Damn it - if only I were a billionaire, I would buy this baby in a heartbeat! I got a chance to snap a few shots with it before he took his turn to enjoy a sweet ride.
We learn that this baby needs to have oil change every 3,000 miles and it costs approximately $800 each time. Not to mention its skyrocketing pricetag of approxmately $204,000. Oh, if you have a connection you can snag it for just only $175,000. Man - what a steal!
Thanks - I pass. Back to driving a Yaris!!!

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  1. LOL!! And I thought you actually own it already! It's good enough to get to take some pictures with it and your hubby get a chance to ride it =D

  2. i still think that these cars are totally unnecessary ==' they are only good to look at and might give men a status and confidence boost, but you simply play the hell for what one mostly does with a car: getting from A to B. $800 dollars for 3000 miles, omg =='' i think i could never afford this in my life, and even if i could, i wouldn't spend my money on a lamborghini .____. i think i would rather travel around the world haha ^_____^

  3. ohhhh man.... this reminds me -- i wanna try to go to the seoul auto show... thanx for reminding me!


  4. Reading what you have written about the price and the upkeeping of this car, it really is a one-in-a-lifetime chance of gifting your hubby with this luxurious ride. It is also a one-in-a-lifetime experience in such a car. I remember thinking it is a really creative idea to gift your hubz when I read your post a while back. A really lovely surprise for your hubz. A lambo cost a lot more in Singapore. It costs the price of a house in fact. It really is expensive to drive in Singapore.

  5. RYC:
    Oh, I’ve not seen you much in glasses in your blog. Do share with us how you look in glasses too. I don’t think you would look like a nerd unless probably a fashionable nerd. Dry eyes issue is not joke too coz it could become permanent. It is good to give our eyes a break and only wear contacts on occasions.

    I’ve been doing well but so bz. I don’t think I’ve caught up with your blog for quite some time. I’ve not been logging onto my laptop that often and do whatever internet stuff on my phone and hence I haven’t been catching up with blogs unless I read them off my laptop screen.

    I managed to browse through your blog just now and realised how many posts I've missed. I would get back to you on your blog soon.

  6. When seeing those pictures first, I thought you would own a Lamborghini! Haha, must be fun riding this. Nice blog btw.

    Keep bloggin'

  7. That's a good experience to have. I have yet to experience my first luxury car. I'd like to sit and or drive in one at least once in my life :)

  8. My brother dreams of having a Lambo..haha, they are some gorrrrgeous cars though!

  9. haha Nelah! i remember when you mentioned you were going to do this. i thought that was such an awesome gift. WOW! the cost of it is oil change is $800!!! *faints* i'm so glad he enjoyed himself. thanks for taking these pics. it is gorgeous.

  10. Wow the cost of maintaining such a car is just as extravagant as buying one in the first place but it's awesome that your hubby got to take the ride of a lifetime in it. I'm sure it's a gift he won't forget anytime soon.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. Ur a fab wife ;). Must have been quite an experience! The Colour of the Prada is Rame which is copper I believe. Papaya is one of the newer shades and brighter!

  12. I mean... how much does just a drive in it cost? That's incredible but I think this is a gift most men would appreciate.

    7% Solution​

  13. Ha ha oh my, just a taste of the lifestyles of the %1!

    Ali of

  14. haha I would never want to drive one of those gas-guzzlers, even if I had the money!

    <3 Melissa

  15. haha would love to buy one too! hope you had fun driving it tho!


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