Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vegas' Dream gone wrong~*

Things just don't always go as planned and illness can strike when we least expect. Just five days after riding a ride of a lifetime in a little Lambo, the hub landed in a hospital due to an appenditiis. We were jokingly said it must have been a Lambo ride, it was so bumpy and cuased his interal organs especially an appendix to act up...Ha (well not really funny then).
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We were supposed to fly to the Sin City of Las Vegas last Thursday and have a blast.
A flight to Las Vegas - checked.
A room at Bellagio Hotel - reserved.
A car rental - booked.
A fun-filled itinerary - planned.
We all know life is full of surprises, good and bad ways. On Tuesday, my husband came down severe abdominal pain. An emergency room we went. As of 10pm that night, we found out he has an appendicitis. Since this place is a stand alone emergency care which is not in a hospital facility, we had to wait for an ambulance to transport him over to the nearest hospital.
After spending two days and two nights in a hospital, we were MORE than ready to come home. A sleeping arrangement for relatives was nothing close to comfortable. My back hurted terribly for 3 days!!! Luckily mother in law lended a hand and watched our little one while I took care of my husband at the hospital. We couldn't be happier to finally get to come home and reunite with a little one on Thursday. His recovery has been well.
Although we were highly disappointed for the fact that Vegas' getaway ended up in a wrong place, it would be much worse if this happened while we were in Vegas. Now we are back to square one and hopefully can plan another getaway sooner or later. Fingers crossede this time around.


  1. oh my gosh nelah! i am so sorry the both of you had to go through this. i'm happy to hear your husband is doing better and received the medical treatment he needed. i heard appendicitis is extremely painful. gosh! like you said, i'm glad it happened here than on the plane or in Vegas. what a fabulous support system you have (family). you guys will get to Vegas. the Bellagio is exquisite. i stayed at The Venetian and loved it. sending healing wishes his way and hopes that you guys have the best vacation ever once he feels better.((hug))

  2. Oh wow. So sorry to hear what happened. I hope your husband is recovering well! And hope your next planning for a get-a-way is just as fun and goes forward without a hitch!

  3. Gosh!! I guess you were right. Things happen for a reason. Maybe if you would've gone to Vegas and something would went terribly wrong? Ok..maybe someone up there is trying to sway you both away from worse scenario. I'm glad your hubby's health is improving. I'm sure with great health, you both can enjoy more holidays in future. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery and yourself, do get a spa treatment soon. You needed it.

  4. As bad as this is, you're right that it would've been worse if it had happened when you were in Vegas or in the air. I'm glad to hear that your husband got the treatment he needed and is recovering well now. Vegas will still be there but health is always more important. Hope you guys will be able to make up this getaway some time soon. Take care Nelah.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Life is indeed full of surprises whether positive or negative and there are always 2 ways to look at. You get to choose. While it is a shame that the trip had to be cancelled, you are really correct that it was fortunate that it happened before the both of you flew off. I'm sure there would be other surprises to balance this. I hope you manage to get some form or parts of the refunds. Most importantly, I'm so relieved to hear that your hubby is fine now.


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