Monday, March 18, 2013

Eye Candies: Jean Phillipe Patisserie

Yes oh yes, we made it to the Fabulous Las Vegas. One week after the hub's surprised surgery, we decided to head to Vegas. It was purely a spur of the moment. Since he had to stay home for another week and he felt much better, why not recover in Las Vegas??? Our plan was to space out a bit and go later this year but we just couldn't wait so there we went.
We booked everything again 4 days before the trip. Luckily, I mostly packed and prepared since last time so we were somewhat prepared and ready to go. Before the trip, I did extensive research on food. Other than gambling, Vegas is very famous for gourmet food, beautiful presentation and lavishly decorated hotels. I jotted down my plan and Jean Phillipe Patisserie made it to the list based on rave reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. So why not, right? We visited both venues at Bellagio Hotel and Aria Hotel.
Be prepared for some eye candies. Trust me because I really mean it. Warning: avoid this post if you are diabetic because these pictures may send your blood sugar up through the root!! My verdict: I guess we do not have that "sophisticated" palate because they didn't really blow us away except for beautiful presentation. They were good and light though. I wanted to try crepe but decided not to. Maybe next time. 
 photo 19-1_zps02277782.jpg
{At Aria Hotel}
 photo 1-5_zps40b7d512.jpg
{At Bellagio}
 photo 2-6_zps3201dc22.jpg  photo 3-6_zpsaa70e74c.jpg  photo 4-4_zps37cd8ba3.jpg  photo 5-5_zps30c08d77.jpg  photo 18-1_zpsf3b83726.jpg  photo 20-1_zps2d5f81d8.jpg  photo 6-4_zpsa745df67.jpg  photo 7-5_zpsd4971d10.jpg  photo 9-2_zps72e0e54e.jpg  photo 10-2_zpsd9094eb2.jpg  photo 11-1_zps4cc6c0ea.jpg  photo 12-2_zps41b3ff6f.jpg  photo 13-2_zps480a008c.jpg  photo 14-2_zps17923563.jpg  photo 15-1_zps59512df4.jpg  photo 16-1_zpsc16663cd.jpg  photo 17-1_zps99966495.jpg  photo 21-1_zpsb4318bb4.jpg  photo 22-1_zps64b27028.jpg  photo 23-1_zpsb24fc657.jpg


  1. Beautiful beautiful pictures! Glad you got a chance to go! Makes me want to book something last minute and head out! :)

  2. Nelah, you guys went! That is so awesome!!! He healed quickly. So glad he's feeling better. I felt for him and you when he got sick. Not a pleasant experience at all. This place would've sent me to Sugar Heaven! HaHaHa So beautifully presented! The cakes, tarts, etc are to die for. They get an A+ for presentation. Sorry they didn't taste as equal. I hate when that happens. At least you experienced it and these pictures are exquisite.


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