Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Fling~*

I really..really wish i could enjoy Spring to the fullest but seasonal allergies are in full force at the sane time flowers are in full bloom. Pollen..pollen and oh more pollen floating in the air everywhere!! My nose is icthy and must be as red as a Rudolf the raindear's nose or monkey's butt. You get the picture. Funnily, seasonal allergies never bothered me at all before i had a baby. It isto amazing howplace your body has gone through so many changes during pregnancy and post pregnancy.
What could be a better way to pay a tribute and celebrate to beautiful season of Spring than a floral dress? Floral dresses come in diffent patterns, designs, materials sizes and colors. I like just a small touch of flowers that doesn't look too overwhelming. This dress was previosly worn last year at a wedding but I want to make sure I get enough wear out of it so I packed and brought it with me to the Vegas.
 photo s1-7_zps1c95be63.jpg  photo s2-7_zpsb5f31402.jpg !  photo s3-6_zps4a7ebd70.jpg


  1. Nelah, that dress looks so awesome on you doll! I'm like you, I like florals to be minimal and not too big. I'm finding designs lately are more like water colors and paintings. Again, beautiful dress. You looked very pretty!

  2. Nelah I remember this dress when you wore it last year and it's still gorgeous on you! The design and spacing of the florals is perfect. I agree that Spring is the time to break out our floral patterns. Sorry to hear about your allergies. I don't know if you take anything for them but I find freeze dried stinging nettle to be a good natural remedy to calm my allergies.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Ack! I'm sorry to hear about allergy season where you are :( My area hasn't been hit yet, but I know it's coming as soon as the flowers bloom. Yuck.

    I'm still catching up with blogs, so pardon my lack of comments lately. I just went through your previous posts and can not stop drooling over your vacation food pics! I think your photography has gotten a lot better, Nelah. All your photos look so vibrant and colorful -- new camera or because you've got skills? :)

  4. It's a beautiful dress! Perfect for spring!


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