Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wild Flower Hunting: Texas Bluebonnet

Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. They can be found in the wild around April (when they are in full bloom) and the common colors are blue with tiny white dot in the middle. They do smell great too. Do you know that it is illegal to pick or destroy them? (although some people do not pay attention and unfortunately trample them while trying to take pictures...very sad).
 photo bb1_zpsb2199f5e.jpg
This weekend our family was on the search for Bluebonnet sighting in two little towns om tje north part of Houston. The two little town are Brenham and Navasota which are approximately 1.30 - 2 hour drive from where we live. In the past 8 years that I lived here, never once had a desire to venture out to witness the beauty of nature and or really appreciated what mother nature can create. Until now that I am getting older, I seek simple joys in life and learn to appreciate small little things more and more each day. (Money can't buy all the happiness in the world but it does help us to buy gas to get there..ha.).
We left home Friday afternoon and planned to spend a night somewhere so that we could wake up early for photos. Our original plan was to find a Bed and Breakfast but we were late in the game and it seemed every place we called was booked up so we chose to stay at La Quinta in Brenham. There was a lovely and large bluebonnet field in the back of the hotel but that was just a teaser. The next morning we headed over to another small town (Navasota) which is about 20 minute way. There was an even larger field (probably 20 - 30 acres) of bluebonnet on HWY 6. OMG, our jaws dropped at the beauty of this field. It was like a  dream. Photos just don't do the justice. It was quite a sight and scene, and totally worth the drive. Big thanks to information and updates from Texas Bluebonnet Sighting on Facebook.
Tips: Watch your step and don't tremple on them so others can enjoy them too.
 photo bb3_zpse8599079.jpg  photo bb4_zps8bb130c4.jpg  photo bb2_zps9d0026eb.jpg  photo bb9_zps0c91b86e.jpg  photo bb7_zpsfb9950d1.jpg  photo bb6_zps05daf4f2.jpg
{The orange flowers are native to the west of America, they are called Indian Paintbrush}


  1. Nelah, those flowers are so pretty! Only a State away from you and we don't have anything like them. HaHaHa These pictures of you and your daughter are gorgeous. I didnt know about that law, but it makes sense because they are such a delicate flower. Love your outfit and you can hand over those earrings girl! Have a great week!

  2. I love that I'm learning more about Texas from you! It's a state that I don't really know much about at all. Living in the city really makes me miss nature sometimes. This bluebonnet field is made of dreams and you and your little Miss looked like you had an absolute ball playing in it. She is getting so tall :) And both of you are so stylish as always.

    Have a wonderful week Nelah!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Great post. I follow you on gfc, we follow each other?


    The Glossy Mag

  4. Oh my god that has to be the most gorgeous place to take photos! You look lovely :)


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