Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Day in The Life of Meow Meow

This weeks started out pretty busy at work, my brain was literally fried by the end of Monday. In an attempt to make the rest of this week a little easier, I know I need a good laugh and giggles to boost my spirit. These photos totally do just that.

These two female cats are hilarious (we have three cats but a male cat is camera shy and likes to be in a hiding). This pair loves being together and each of them has such personality/attitude. They manage to give us good laughs (except when they throw up or give us yucky hairball to clean up...ewww yuck!!).

 photo a1_zpsfbb65c25.jpg  photo a2_zps6c91471c.jpg  photo a3_zps2cc0f8c9.jpg  photo a4_zps5ee6193f.jpg  photo a5_zpsb9781006.jpg  photo a6_zps2ac28416.jpg


  1. LMFAOOOOO Nelah! I'm sitting at my computer busting out laughing. Whenever you have pets, you can almost definitely tell what they are thinking. You have really good cats! I had a horrible experience as a child with a kitten. She scratched me. My mom left the room for one moment and it was chaos. So I never got one, just a dog. Cats are so beautiful and SMART.

  2. lol - this is so hilariously cute! :)

  3. love this post , it is so cute!!!

  4. Aw, so cute! Cats are true internet stars. :)


  5. Nelah this totally made my day! Cats can be such personalities but that's what makes them fun. My husband has all these great stories about his childhood cat Peter. Hope things have gotten more manageable at work.

    Thanks for sharing about your wedding dresses. So interesting that people tend to rent their Western gowns in Thailand. My mom wanted me to rent a traditional Chinese wedding dress but since I'm 5'6' they were too short on me. I'll be posting a pic of my dress soon :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. hahaha this is so cute!! Perhaps you should make this into series!!


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