Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rainbow and Sunshine, I am going to find you

 photo s1_zps18cf9650.jpg
I am going to throw on my raincoat....
Hmmm...I hope it's alright...
Gonna go find me a rainbow...
Hang it up in the sky...Blues...Pass me by...
Tonight freezing rain is to be expected and winter weather warning will be in effect until about Noon tomorrow. Very rare for a temperature in this part of the country to be this low (32F). Some people including me are secretly hoping for snow when we wake up in the morning.
While listening to the song (below) and looking at these pictures, it made me realize one fact about life. There are stormy and darkest days in our lives but that shouldn't stop us from seeking hope and happiness. I am not the strongest person out there and never really count how many challenges I had overcome up to this point. There were times when I couldn't seem to get over my weakness, certain thoughts/memories and confusion. There were times I dwell into my own thoughts, floated in a circle and went nowhere. Then there were times I felt  had enough and had to move past whatever that held me back or made me miserable. It took will power, it took strength. And I did just that.  Riding out the storm is scary and it may seem like eternity when we are in one but keep going, never lose hope and one day we will see the sunshine again.
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  1. so well put! i sometimes find myself with bad thoughts but there is always sunshine in the end. i am in love with the first picture! have a good weekend!

  2. Wonderful and inspiring words, keep going is definitely hard, but essential for progression and growth. Have a lovely weekend. //Madison

  3. Wow it is rare for it to get so cold in your part of the country. Great perspective Nelah. It can be hard to find the strength to move past our struggles at times but the sunshine that's waiting for us is worth it. I keep telling myself that when it comes to my health issues.

    Happy weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. these photos are spectacular Nelah. so gorgeous. they've closed down a lot bridges and roadways here. lol you can't go anywhere. we're not use to driving in this type of weather. so i'll be spending my weekend IN. hahaha stay warm chicadee. we all have times in our lives like this. i always say sunshine is ahead after all the storms.


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