Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eternal Treasures.....

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Not too long ago I also stumbled upon three amazing stories. First story about a girl who died from Pneumonia,  she wrote a letter to herself to be opened in the next 10 years after she graduates from high school. Unfortunately she passed away prematurely I am sure how meaningful that letter must to her grieving  parents. Then another story about a dad who has been diagnosed with cancer, he wrote messages on 600+ sticky notes for his daughter to read each day until she graduates from high school. He know he doesn't have much time remaining with her on this earth but wants to leave her a little something (so heartbreaking I cried). And last but not least a dad who lost his daughter in a car accident who finds comfort in hearing her voice. Every time he misses her, he calls her number (which he resists to cancel the phone service after she passed away).That way he can still hear her voice. These kind of stories got my eyes teary BIG time.

As time passes, I have begun to deeply realize the essence of time capsule and how much it could mean years to come to myself and my loved ones. A will helps stabilize a secured financial future but it may do nothing to comfort the soul of those who lost people they love dearly. No one lives forever and that's the fact about life.  I have lost family members over the years and I just wish I had a little something more than memories to remember about them.

I must admit that I am not good at keeping up with a diary. It is a habit that I pick up when inspired but put down due to laziness or a decline in interest (sad). I basically fail in the "dear diary" department. Good news, I compensate my failure with photo/video collection as well as keeping items and cards/letters from special occasions. In an attempt to avoid being an ultimate hoarder in town, I specifically keep key items.  In addition to that, I would like to start documenting more about significant events/lessons in life so I can pass on the notebook to my daughter in the future. These treasures are going to comfort those who we left behind.


  1. oh i read about the first two stories. it was so heartbreaking.. i like that you keep key items and the notebook idea for your daughter in the future sounds so lovely. i'm sure she will be so touched when she gets it.

  2. nelah, those stories really touched me. this is so important to do. i think you're doing a great job collecting these keepsakes. your daughter will cherish them.

  3. I read about the second dad and totally cried as well. Your daughter will definitely appreciate that you've kept all these sentimental treasures for her when she gets older Nelah.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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