Sunday, January 5, 2014

Into the Blue....

 photo y3_zps9a152864.jpg
Blue is such a striking and beautiful color but I just don't quite understand why I haven't bought more items in this hue. Dark and classic colors like gray, black or brown appear to be popular in the winter months and I like them too but sometimes I want to add a little something bright to lift my spirit. I bought this blue scarf over a year ago when I visited my family back home in Bangkok. They were literally cheap so I bought one in each color and totally love how soft they are. Great to wear in fall/winter and spring. 
The weather here is supposed to go down to 26F tonight. These photos were taken about a week ago when the weather was still warm. It is almost impossible to stay outdoor longer than 5 minutes in January. Good news, it is supposed to warm up here again by Wednesday to give us a little break. For tonight, I will definitely drink a warm beverage and stay under a thick comforter. Stay warm.
{Top: Express / Jeans: Mossimo (Target) / Necklace: Anthropologies (Christmas gift) / Flats: old from Bangkok}
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  1. i just started getting into blue a couple of years ago. i don't know why not before. its gorgeous on you. it's cold here now too! i hate how this weather goes up and down. LOL it's crazy!

  2. I totally agree with you and I admit that I used to hate blue just a few years ago, and now I find myself buying a lot of blue stuff, especially this bright cobalt hue ! It's amazing and looks wonderful paired with any color, black included ! It's great we changed our mind, right ? :))

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  3. This particular shade of blue is gorgeous on you Nelah! Scarves are great no matter the season in my book. I even carry one in the summer for places with strong AC. Now that you mention it I wonder why I don't really buy much in blue either and I think it's a lovely color as well. It's supposed to be 8 degrees in NYC tomorrow morning and it was 55 just this morning. This weather is crazy. Stay warm!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Your hair!!! It's curling so beautifully over here! I've always loved the nondescript deep navy blue, cobalt blue and other kinds of striking dark blue shades for clothing. I realise that I often wound up buying blue dresses for work that I've got a few now. That's a lovely blue leopard print scarf you have there. The weather you have in Texas (it's Texas right?) looks good for a winter season. Looks just like autumn especially the colours around.


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