Friday, January 31, 2014

Nourish the skin you are in....

Women and beauty are inseparable subjects. Each and everyone of us has different beauty regimen we swear by. Over the years I have both failed and succeeded in finding the products that suited my skin preference. Those years of learning..tons of wasted..some breakouts, I have finally found what work well with my skin type. Something I can stay committed longer than 3 months. 
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This is such a gentle cleanser I have used about 5-6 months. It works wonder on me (after removing makeup). Skin feels fresh and clean but not tight. I especially love that this brand is EWG certified (no harmful chemicals, some of you know my obsession with safe skincare products by now). Pricey though at $35. 
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Aromatica is a Korean brand. At first I didnt like the feel of this product at all. It felt a little sticky but I stay committed ($42 a bottle I better use it all up). I have used for about 5-6 months now and mainly use this in the morning before applying sunscreen. After the first month, I swear I see my skin glows and looks healthier. It becomes supple and soft. I am already on my 3rd bottle. It works great pairing with the foam I mentioned above. Love the ease of this, absorbs quick into skin, its scent is barely detectable. LOVE!!! Pricey but lasts for months.
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This was first given to me by my mother in law. I read the ingredients list and totally love how natural it truly is. I have used this for 6 months also, mainly at night. My skin loves this stuff. It is so light yet moisturizes well. Much cheaper and easier to use than Creme de La Mer.
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Another great Korean product, I first learned about this through Thai beauty forum. Apparently no store in the US carry this so I had to order from a seller in South Korea. This is not a BB cream (I was not very impressed with BB cream though). It is called Air Cushion Cover which works as foundation and sunscreen (how is it different from BB cream.. dont ask me...haha) but I love how it blends better with my skin and gives such beautiful dewy glow finish. I use it as foundation and like to dap some powder on top to tame the dewy effect. LOVE..LOVE..LOVE.
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Totally bought these on the whim but love them a lot except the scent from blush (totally wish it has no scent, it almost makes me too dizzy). Both do their job and stay put when used with the air cushion product above. My skin is glowing and my wallet is singing.
Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my own money. This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. hey nelah! isn't it awesome when you find a product that works for you. great products doll. i loved jurlique and cetaphil. so far those two have been the best for my skin. i'm about to try Fresh Beauty products. will see how they work. us girls love our beauty and cosmetic products. happy weekend doll. >.<

  2. i've used iope before. i liked it! i had this random dry patch, allergic reaction one time and no product was able to cure it. then i turned to a korean product and it worked. it happened to me twice in the past four years. so odd. and not sure if it's just a coincidence or if the korean product was just a better match for me, but i was so relieved. but i am back to using alba products and also some things from the body shop. i don't have a regime but i should really start one because my skin isn't at its best! oh how i miss my twenties when my skin was totally fine without any regime! :)

  3. My sister was talking to me the other day about Asian brands. She was looking at this brand from Japan called RMK. She mentioned that somehow Asian brands made foundations that suits her skin better. The yellow undertone has a wider range and it blends well into her skin. When I read about the South Korean products you ordered, I guess I can relate to the fact that she shared with me.
    I think Deluvia sounds like something worth a try if it's similar to La Mer's Creme =D


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