Friday, January 3, 2014

Dreaming of Spring

I like fall season. Winter? Not so much. January and February seem to be the coldest months. The best part is that even it gets so cold here in the Southern part, the weather is not as brutal as up north. Good thing this city is we rarely experience snow (so far i experienced snow 3 times in 9 years living here, lucky me!). There is a reason for me to be excited come this Spring and my countdown begins.

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There is a big and empty area in my backyard that we cant figure out what to put there year after year, plus it will cost hundreds of dollars to buy plants and flowers from a nursery to fill up that area. Did I mention lots of work digging dirt and playing with earthworms? As lazy as I am, there must be an easier and more affordable option I thought.
Ever since we visited the bluebonnets last year, my interest in wildflowers have grown. I love looking at wildflowers on the highways and fields everywhere I went. They were unique and beautiful, yet very tough and require very little care/water once you get them going. I thought to myself, would it be nice if I can have them in my backyard? VoilĂ !!!!! That's it!!! My search begun in late summer, I came across a few websites that sell wildflower seeds. I randomly picked a few varieties and waited for them to arrive. Spring is just too far away so t thought I did small batch to try out how they looked. I grew them in plastic containers. Just a few weeks, I was rewarded with some of the most beautiful blooms. Now I am dreaming of a backyard full of pretty, colorful flowers. Must be such a sight and scene to wake up to every morning.
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  1. How lovely! I wonder when spring will come?

  2. nelah, i'm with you. i love fall, but not winter. it was a lot warmer here today, but this evening it started to rain and now it's cold. i can only imagine it in the north. hahaha wildflowers are so pretty! i love the vibrant colors. i think they would look amazing in your yard. how magical! go for it girl!

  3. love wild flowers. a backyard full of them will look lovely!

  4. I never realized wild flowers could be so pretty! I really must pay more attention to them from now on. I'd be quite happy if we could just skip over the winter season especially this year as it's just been brutally cold. I can only hope we get an early spring and your dream of a backyard full of colorful pretty flowers comes true soon as well :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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