Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brunch in a Garden (The Buffet@The Wynn)

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There is nothing quite like dining in such a beautiful place and being surrounded by whimsical and lovely little flowers. Food probably tastes 10 times better in such atmosphere, right? Tonight I was browsing through old photos from our Vegas trip last year. I did a review of buffet at the Wicked Spoon (at The Cosmopolitan) but never managed to do a review of another famous buffet - The Buffet @ The Wynn. A little late but here goes.

We chose to do brunch on weekend and were totally ready to eat. The minute we walked in, we were stunned by the beauty of colorful garden in the middle of the room. It was great grand alright (you have to pay more to be seated in that area to appreciate the beauty up close and personal though - we opted to sit far away). The food stations were impressive, they offered so many varieties. Looked absolutely yummy. But....but....we were not impressed at all. Most items were cold and bland to our taste. Most likely that was our one and only time at this buffer but that will not deter us from going back to Vegas. It is such a fun, lively and vibrant city. I miss it already.

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  1. I totally agree that a great atmosphere can really enhance a dining experience. Those flowers look beautiful. There are so many options at those buffets but they can be so hit or miss like this one. My husband and I usually don't go to buffets since we're both not big eaters and we want to get our $ worth :)

    Happy weekend Nelah!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. What a fabulous place and I agree that the surroundings when eating are so important and enhance the whole experience. Those cakes look delicious!

  3. Nelah, I would've been in awe the entire time. Those flower arrangements were absolutely gorgeous! Really stunning! Vegas is so amazing. Another person was telling me how nice the Wynn Hotel is out there. So glad you captured the spectacular-ness of it. Pretty pics girl! Sorry the food was bland. When I went (not there of course) I found some dishes to be the same way. Very pretty post!

  4. wow! this is like paradise! :))


  5. Wonderful place and you are so lucky to pay 31 dollars only for a brunch because here in doha it cost more that 80 euros!!!
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  6. ahhh such pretty flowers and yummy food!

  7. Oh what I would give to eat amidst all these beautiful flowers! Must have been an amazing experience. Shame the food didn't match its surroundings.

  8. oh wow. i would love to eat with so many beautiful flowers around me! and yes! atmosphere totally has an impact on the dining experience!


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